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Retropole is a light lowering device that works with your existing parking lot pole lights.

It allows the user to turn a handle and lower the light head for easy bulb replacement. It's really simple, yet ingenious.

Retropole LLC - Our Product and its Applications

retropole is the world's only retrofit light lowering system. retropole is designed work with virtually any existing parking lot light fixture.

retropole is ideal for parking lots, parking garages, tennis courts, parks, roadways or anywhere bucket trucks aren't welcome.

There are some really great safety features as well. The drive mechanism has a tamper proof cover and removable handle so no unauthorized use occurs. The light head is retrofitted with an electrical contactor that de-energizes the fixture as soon as you start to lower the head so there is no electrical hazard. The device is also equipped with a tension sensing fall brake. If the pole is hit by a vehicle or vandalized, the steel brake activates and keeps the fixture from falling.

So now not only have you eliminated the need for an expensive bucket truck, but you don't need an electrician either. Maintenance personnel can now change the bulb at ground level!

Any property owner is going to be concerned with cost. This is one of the best things about retropole. The national average for traditional light pole maintenance is about $250 a year per pole. For example, a property that has 10 pole lights would cost about $2500 a year to maintain. With retropole you keep that money, add it to the property's bottom line, and you have just added $25000 to the value (income method) of the property. The upgrade to retropole doesn't cost anywhere near that much. At $800 per unit with the purchase of 10 units, that would be a cost of $8000. Thats a net gain of $17000 in equity and a 2 year return on investment.

More Great Benefits

  • retrople can adapt to most types of poles. Whether your pole be square, round or tapered, retrople can work for you.
  • Since retropole is indeed a retrofit application, your existing light heads need not be changed allowing for original design of parking lot to be maintained.
  • Different finish types on poles can be matched and applied to retropole for a seemingly invisible installation.
  • Safety designs have been engineered for peace of mind:
    1. fall brake on carriage to ensure safe operation
    2. optional keyed winch design for tamper proof operation
    3. automatic disconnect of power
  • Lowers maintenance cost forever
  • Instantly adds value to property
  • Easy to operate
  • Always have a safe and well-lit property
  • No more lane closures and traffic problems
  • No more "Bucket Truck" damage to property or bank account
  • No more waiting for service
  • Pays for itself many times over
  • Helps property owners lower CAMs for more attractive leasing

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