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Retropole is a light lowering device that works with your existing parking lot pole lights.

It allows the user to turn a handle and lower the light head for easy bulb replacement. It's really simple, yet ingenious.

FREE Lighting Analysis

Objective Question
1. How many pole lights are on your property?
2. On average, how many light heads or fixtures does each pole have?
1 1.5 2 3
3. Average height of the pole lights
15 Feet 20 Feet 25 Feet 30 Feet
4. Average wattage of the fixtures
250w 400w 1000w
5. Average cost of replacing a lamp or bulb
$200     $250    $300    $350     $400     $500
6. On Average, how long do you wait to receive a response from the contracting service?
A Few Days One Week Two Weeks More
7. Average time spent calling, coordinating, and processing paperwork for maintaining
    each parking lot pole light.
1.0 hours 1.5 hours 2.0 hours 3.0 hours
Retropole's Free Lighting Analysis Tool, documents, graphics and other materials available on our web site may include technical inaccuracies, typographical errors, and out-of-date information and use of such documents, graphics or other materials is at your own risk.


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