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Retropole is a light lowering device that works with your existing parking lot pole lights.

It allows the user to turn a handle and lower the light head for easy bulb replacement. It's really simple, yet ingenious.

Outdoor Light Fixtures

Outdoor light fixtures for most parking lots are on a 25 to 30 foot light pole. These fixtures come in many shapes and sizes with a variety of voltages and lamp choices. Typically these pole lights are either high pressure sodium, metal halide or mercury vapor. Lamps go out usually in a year, however, hid lighting suffers from a reduction of lumens over time resulting in a loss of light output even though lamps are still burning.

You can identify which type of light you have in your parking lot by the color emitted by your lamp. Metal halide lamps cast a white light, high pressure sodium lamps emit a yellowish hue and mercury vapor lamps project a light blue color that works nicely as landscape lighting. These pole lights, as different as they seem, have one common flaw. They are inaccessible.

Parking lot lighting maintenance does not have to be this way. Retropole is the only retrofit light lowering system that works with your existing outdoor lighting. Retropole solves a variety of lighting problems. Our light lowering device eliminates the potential for electrical shock by deenergizing the entire light head as soon as you lower the fixture. Of course, it also eliminates the dangers associated with working 30 feet in the air. Think of how safe and easy it would be to walk up to a pole light and change a light bulb yourself as soon as it goes out. No more waiting for a bucket truck service company to schedule you in when you need your light replaced immediately.

Affordable and adaptable, Retropole is designed to work with a variety of different light pole manufacturers. Most people don't know what brand of commercial or industrial outdoor lights they own. Not a problem with Retropole, the design of our light lowering system enables it to work on round, square or tapered poles from a variety of pole manufacturers including these quality lighting companies, Hubbel Lighting, Lithonia, Techlight, Gardco, GE Lighting, Kim Lighting, discount lighting, wholesale lighting, lighting design, Cooper Lighting, American Lighting and many others.

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