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retropole is a light lowering device that works with your existing parking lot pole lights.

It allows the user to turn a handle and lower the light head for easy bulb replacement. It's really simple, yet ingenious.

retropole Maintenance

Most commercial property owners hire out the maintenance of their parking lot pole lights to electrical contractors. These electrical contractors sign the property owner to a lucrative maintenance contract which involves a monthly charge even when service is not needed and highly marked up material charges when service is needed. Bucket truck maintenance professionals buy HID lamps and ballasts for wholesale and charge the property owner two to three times retail for these parts. This all takes place because the light heads are mounted to the light poles 20 to 30 feet in the air. If they were lower, a maintenance man could change a lamp or ballast.

Other commercial property owners and managers wait until several bulbs are out to avoid paying the "show up" charge. This approach is even worse. First, the lighting maintenance contractor and the property owner do not have a relationship so the highest price for service is charged. Second, the parking lot becomes darker and darker, sales and traffic slow and potential for crime, an accident or lawsuit increases. That's not the worst of it. Just as a mechanic will tell you, if you do not address the problem now it will cost you more later. Outdoor lighting is the same. If you do not replace the metal halide or high pressure sodium lamp, the ballast works harder to start a lamp that will never ignite. After a short period of time (while you are waiting for more lamps to burn out), the ballast could burn up. If the ballast melts, a circuit could be shorted causing a breaker to trip. When the breaker trips all of the lights on that circuit go out. Now you have a crisis. You or your tenants have no lights on. It's hard to get customers to pull into a darkened parking lot. Murphy's Law states that this will happen to you at your busiest time, (weekends for restaurants and Christmas for retail) Lots of sales lost and time and a half charged by your electrician. Let's talk for a minute about wages, in 1995 the average show up charge for electricians was $37-$40. Now, the average price is between $75-$90 because of increases to wages, fuel charges and insurance. Furthermore, these expenses are expected to rise. Also worthy of mention, ballasts still use electricity even if the lamp has burned out. You are paying for lighting you are not getting. The decision to wait for more lamps to burn out has caught up with you.

It sounds grim but there is a solution. More and more saavy property owners are turning to retropole to help control their maintenance costs. Our light lowering system allows a property owner, property manager or maintenance man to safely and easily lower the light head for fast lamp replacement. Because the ballast is also in the light fixture, ballast replacement is also fast and easy. Retropole works on almost any 30 foot light pole. Here is a short list of pole light manufacturers that Retropole will work with, Hubbel Lighting, Lithonia, Techlight, Guardco, GE Lighting, Kim Lighting, discount lighting, wholesale lighting, lighting design, Cooper Lighting, American Lighting and many others

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