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Retropole is a light lowering device that works with your existing parking lot pole lights.

It allows the user to turn a handle and lower the light head for easy bulb replacement. It's really simple, yet ingenious.


Lighting has become increasingly important for commercial and retail property owners for increased sales, security and safety for tenants and customers. Pole lights are an integral part of these three issues. Site lighting provides necessary lumens to a parking lot or parking garage. Dealing with the ongoing maintenance of these light poles has always been an issue for property owners, property managers and maintenance personnel. Maintaining a brightly lit parking lot has always had it's challenges. The lighting design for new installations of parking lots have now been placed in the hands of photometric engineers. Photometrics optimizes the maximum amount of light to an area with the least amount of light heads and poles. There are many different types of light heads available in different voltages and lamp wattages to the end user. With all of these different selections there now is an option to add Retropole to your new or existing light pole to maximize the ability to replace a ballast or lamp as soon as the light burns out without the need to schedule an electrical contractor. Commercial and industrial lighting once installed is often overlooked until there is a problem with burned out lamps. Retropole offers immediate replacement of lamps or ballasts without the need of waiting for many lamps to go out before making a service call feasable. Lighting designers focus on making parking lots look attractive but often neglect ongoing lighting maintenance which ultimately is left to property owners to deal with. Retropole lighting products are the solution for this problem. Insist on Retropole for new or redevelopment projects for easier property maintenance after building contractors have left the job. It's sleek attractive look works with any lighting design whether it be contemporary lighting or traditional lighting and is color matched to any light head or light pole.

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