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Retropole is a light lowering device that works with your existing parking lot pole lights.

It allows the user to turn a handle and lower the light head for easy bulb replacement. It's really simple, yet ingenious.

Light Poles

Pole lights are a common fixture in parking lots. Parking lot pole lights are usually found in commercial parking lots and industrial lighting applications. Commercial outdoor lighting is the most common. Pole lights can also be found in the form of street lights. Street lights line the roadways to provide general illumination for ease of driving at night.
All of these pole lights have one thing in common. They are difficult and costly to service when a lamp or ballast burns out. Retropole is the solution for timely replacement of lamps or ballasts should they go out.

No more waiting for a bucket truck to be scheduled in because you are now in control. Imagine changing a light bulb or ballast as soon as they go out. Retropole works with many types of manufacturers products such as Hubbel, Techlight, GE Lighting, Cooper Lighting, American Lighting, wholesale lighting, discount lighting and many others.

Retropole mounts to an existing pole light and acts as a light lowering device that enables the user to turn a handle and lower the fixture for easy bulb or ballast replacement. The lamps that are used in light poles are typically high pressure sodium, metal halide or mercury vapor. These lamps can be acquired at many discount lighting stores. The typical replacement cost average for the nation for changing a light bulb on a pole light is around $250.00. With the use of Retropole you can eliminate the need for a bucket truck and only pay for the cost of the bulb and maintenance man to operate the handle to lower the fixture to replace the lamp.

Lighting design is important for most new developments to compliment the design of today’s buildings. With this in mind, Retropole has designed it’s light lowering system to be as invisible as possible and also allow for a retrofit application to most existing pole lights now in service. A typical install of our light lowering system is accomplished in about an hour. This means you can retrofit a typical 10 light head parking lot in a day. Parking garage lights are also a great location for retrofits since bucket trucks are not capable of entering into the structure nor are they typically wanted.

Retropole is the solution for easy lamp and ballast replacement for your pole lights. Our light lowering system will save you money on your parking garage, parking lot or any commercial lighting or industrial lighting application

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