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Retropole is a light lowering device that works with your existing parking lot pole lights.

It allows the user to turn a handle and lower the light head for easy bulb replacement. It's really simple, yet ingenious.

Frequently Asked Questions about Retropole

How does Retropole work?

When service is needed, simply open the box, click the handle into place, and lower the head. After swapping the old lamp for a new one, crank it up. You are done! See pole system animation.

Is Retropole safe?

Retropoles are equipped with a tension sensing fall break and de-energizing electrical contacts. Retropole uses only the finest quality materials and all electrical components are UL listed for years safe and trouble free operation. All lifting components (drive mechanism, pulleys, and cable) are rated for many times their intended weight loads. Removable handle, suggested mounting height of 7 feet, and lockable box ensure tamper resistance.

How much does Retropole cost?

Typically, under a thousand dollars. Call for current pricing. Being primarily aluminum, prices sometimes fluctuate with the commodities markets.

How long will Retropole last?

You are likely to lower the light once or twice a year. Expect twenty years or more of safe and trouble free service from your retropole.

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